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How Staining Can Transform an Area:

One of our most recent projects was a basement custom remodel.

This home is a lakefront cabin-style home, where our team transformed their unfinished basement into a functional cozy space that matched the aesthetic of the rest of the home. To accomplish the desired style, lots of staining was involved. Below is the space that we started with. Follow along, to watch the gradual transformation.

We began by in-shop staining 7" pine wood, with MINWAX interior wood stain, that we purchased from our local Sherwin Williams.

Materials used:

-Gloves (this stain was oil based)

-Sponge/ staining brush (whichever you prefer)

-Intex cloth-like rags (lint-free)

-Sander (for small blemishes)

Our team, individually stained each piece of wood, and then transported it to the home.


-Apply stain to top surface and sides

-Let stain absorb for 2-3 minutes

-Wipe with rags

-Set aside to dry

REMINDER: Make sure when staining that you don't throw your crinkled up stained rags into a trash can or dumpster. Lay them out flat to dry up before disposing of them, to prevent a chemical reaction that can lead to a fire.

As you can see above, these photos show a complete transformation of the space. The beautiful stain color that is featured here, was color matched with existing tones in their home. Staining is something anyone can do, even if it's not to this capacity. There are so many options that allow you to refinish existing items or areas in your home, or even start fresh to give a seamless renewed look.

Stay tuned to see the finished look of this project on our Facebook page and website in a few weeks.

-Key Builders Construction

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